Convert More Consultations
3 Things You Need to Convert More Consults
[5-Minute Video] 


A great patient coordinator can be a game-changer in your cosmetic practice.


Their skill, or lack thereof, can be the difference between just making it this
month and having your
best month ever!


Watch this 5-minute video outlining the (3) things you can do NOW to convert
more consultations.  


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How much is it worth to you to have a trained patient coordinator convert
10%-30% more 
of your consultations?


$200,000 per year? $350,000? $700,000 of extra revenues?


Give your patient coordinator the words and scripts they need to promote YOU professionally and “lead” the patient comfortably to a YES  – 

Your patient coordinator will be trained to... 

  • Present YOU as the BEST choice     

  • Decipher the patient’s decision-making process to help them choose YOU  

  • Comfortably and confidently ask for a decision  

Here are the tools they get:Convert More Consults


 checkmark-box-large-red-1.png Digital link and DVD Replay mailed to you to watch now as well as for ongoing staff training forever;


 checkmark-box-large-red-1.png Power Point Slides with Scripts so you have the exact words          to say so your coordinator knows exactly what to say to get to a YES;


 checkmark-box-large-red-1.png Cliff Notes for Converting Consults: Quick reference guide to practice the key  
       fundamentals needed to turn consultations into profits;


 checkmark-box-large-red-1.png Laminated Guides: quick reference guides for successful surgical and minimally-  
      invasive patient visits“ to use as reminder of the fundamentals to use for
      every consult so they don't leave money on the table.




It’s simple. If your staff completes my training and doesn’t improve by at least 10% within 

the first 10 consultations, just let me know and I’ll issue you a full refund – period.   

-  No more cringing when you see prospective patients walk out your front door without


-  No more wasted time on consultations going nowhere because your patient coordinator
    will NOW 
professionally represent you as the BEST CHOICE and they’ll book the
to a paid procedure and fill your schedule…now that they have the proper

Give yourself a raise this year without hiring more staff or buying more advertising.   

This is a no-brainer investment because I charge $12,600 to spend the day with your staff
to teach them what you get here for Only $597 or (2) payments of Only $330. 

That means you make your investment back in the first conversion and the rest is sheer profit....I Guarantee it.    

You can keep losing consultations or invest NOW in solutions – it’s your choice.   


See you there -


Catherine Maley, MBA 
Cosmetic Patient Attraction & Conversion Specialist 
(877) 339-8833


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