Receptionist Training


How To Convert Callers to Appointments

Did you know that 20-30% of potential new patients are lost on the first phone call to your practice?

That adds up….fast and hurts your bottom line!

Let’s say your average procedure value is only $3,000 and you lose just 2 of these cosmetic patients per week multiplied by 52 weeks per year…. $3,000 x 2 per week lost x 52 weeks means….

You are losing $312,000 per year because your receptionist didn’t have the right strategies so the callers hung up only to call your competitors instead.

Give your receptionist the words and scripts they need to represent YOU professionally and Convert Callers to Appointments – Guaranteed!

I will personally train your phone staff on…..

  • Why a caller hangs up without booking and what you can
    do to prevent that from happening
  • How to answer questions without talking too much and
    “un-selling” them on the appointment 
  • How to present YOU as the BEST choice for the caller who
      has many options
  • What NOT to say to cause the caller to hang up and call
    your competitor 
  • How to answer the question, “How much is it?” so the caller
    can move forward to booking the appointment and so much more…..

Give your phone staff the tools they need to convert 10-30% more Callers or Your Money Back.  Give me your staff for one hour and I’ll give you back professionally-trained phone staff who can book appointments.

Here are the tools you get:

checkmark-box-large-red-1.png  60-Minute online training including open audience Q&A

checkmark-box-large-red-1.png  Buy 1 Rest of staff are FREE.; Unlimited Staff can attend the live training        for FREE.  

checkmark-box-large-red-1.png  Replay digital link and DVD mailed to you in case you can’t make the live        event. Use this for ongoing staff training forever.

checkmark-box-large-red-1.png  Slides of Tele-class to refer to when you are looking for quick references          and prefer reading vs. watching the DVD

checkmark-box-large-red-1.png  Tracking Exercise Pad to practice the 5 key fundamentals needed on              every call to turn them into profits.

checkmark-box-large-red-1.png  Laminated guide called “5 Phone Fixes” as reminder of fundamentals to

     use on EVERY CALL. This alone will triple your conversions.

checkmark-box-large-red-1.png  Frame and Hang Certificate of Completion your receptionist can proudly       display by their desk to remind them of how professional they are when             representing your practice.



Here is what others said about the training:

“We never realized what a difference the right words make. Catherine’s training materials taught our receptionist how to phrase things properly to  be more effective. Our receptionist sounds much more caring and professional  and she closes more appointments than ever before.”

                                           Gina Whitney Office of Daniel Leeman, MD - TX



"Thank you for the 'lunch training for staff'. It is a great learning tool for our  secretary; since it is interactive, it gives her a lot of confidence. We are seeing results already in the way the phone is answered, and the conversion of calls to consultations grows everyday. Thank you!"

                                          Laura Matz, MD - Nova Scotia, Canada 



100% Satisfaction Guaranteed or Your Money Back:

It’s simple. If your staff goes through my training and doesn’t improve by 10-30% within 3 days, just let me know and I’ll issue you a full refund – period.

No more cringing when you hear your staff talking to callers. Instead, you will hear your receptionist professionally represent you as the BEST CHOICE and they’ll book the appointment and fill your schedule…now that they have the proper training.

Give yourself a raise of $312,000 per year.

I charge $12,500 to spend the day with your staff to teach them what I will be teaching on this online event for Only $597 or (2) payments of Only $325.  That means you make your investment back in the first call you get and the rest is sheer profit. I Guarantee it.

You can either invest in your staff now or keep losing callers later –
it’s your choice.


"See" you there-