FasTrak MBA for Busy Surgeons
 Are Ready to Take Their Practice                                               to the NEXT Level 


        This is the most important course I hold all year for surgeons looking for clarity...no matter if your revenues are $500,000 or $5,000,000, you will get new perspectives that give you the razor's edge over your competitors.

In a convenient short amount of time, you will discover:

- How to set up your practice so it runs like a well-oiled machine;

- Easy ways to set up systems and processes your staff WANT

- How to find and motivate a team that’s got your back; 

- Predictable and growing revenues streams; and

- The chance to ask questions and hear others you didn't think of. 

These shortcuts alone will shave years off your learning curve and get you where to want to be YEARS sooner than attempting to do it on your own. 


Here is what is included:

  • (2) Course Sessions – You get the description as well as the step-by-step systems, processes and supporting documents for each of the (4) Core Success Principles (Value $10,000)

  • DVD Replays – You will want to watch these again and again to pick up new nuggets with each viewing;

  • Power Point Slides - To refer to so you can customize to your own situation; 

  • Deliverables - Examples, forms and other materials to use to execute the (4) core principles quickly;
  • Checklists – To pass off to your staff so they execute strategies quickly and easily without being managed; and

  • Reading list – to go deeper into the subjects on leadership, processes and business plus these valuable bonuses...                                                                                                    fullsizeoutput_80e.jpeg       
Bonus: Hiring Staff Kit (Value $497)                    
Bonus: Staff Training Tools (Value $297)
Bonus: Cosmetic Practice Blueprint for Accountability (Value $997)
Bonus:  Strategy Call with Catherine (Value $300)
Bonus:  Differentiate YOU Signage (Value $400)
Bonus: Social Media Blueprint (Value $297)
Bonus: Know Your Numbers / Metrics Forms (Value $297)
                                   Total Value = $13,085

But I Don’t Have the Time, Money or Need for This….

You may think you know it all already but that would be a mistake.

What could you achieve with just the right piece of unexpected information discovered here?

What’s the value of just one little-known patient-attraction golden nugget?

What would the right cost-cutting resource be worth to you?

The investment in yourself and the FasTrak MBA for Busy Surgeons is NOTHING compared to the money wasted on shiny objects, ego-advertising, lasers that sit idly, and more importantly, time and missed opportunity.

And if you can’t take the time, that is a clue you could benefit greatly from this experience and learn how to keep your practice generating income even when you are not there.

You are either moving forward or you aren’t.

You are either investing in your own knowledge and prowess, seeking and developing powerful and productive alliances, in search for those who can move you forward faster – or you aren’t.

By doing those things, you are drawn towards your vision – or you move towards extinction or ruin or insignificance.

Here’s the alternative to NOT joining us….

-You keep doing what you’re doing
-You keep watching your conversions go down
-You watch your overhead go up
-You keep watching your competitors rise to the top 
-You keep hassling with getting the right staff on board
-You keep wondering and waiting for patients to come back to their senses and select you over the multiple options they have available;

OR….You do something to better your today, tomorrow and your future – it’s your choice. 

You can go it alone – or spend time with others who have the insights and strategies to propel you out of the “me too” game.

Master Your Own Future.

I guarantee it will be one of the best investments you make this year –


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FasTrak MBA for Surgeons: Includes: (2) Online Training Session DVD Replays, Power Point Slides, Handouts, Examples, Swipe Files, Checklists and Reading ListAmt
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